Northwestern Connecticut Community College offers a variety of programs which are easily transferable to Connecticut State Universities, Charter Oak, UCONN, and other nursing programs. Select your goal from the options below to learn more.

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There are two options for you in this case.

Transfer and Articulation Program (TAP)

For students who are applying to college for the first time, selecting a degree from these options privdes a seamless transfer to a Connecticut State University or Charter Oak.

Click here to visit Transfer Navigator for more details.

The Transfer and Articulation Program (TAP) Transfer Navigator is a new program for ensuring Connecticut community college students complete degree programs that transfer to Connecticut State Universities and Charter Oak State College without either losing or generating excess credit. Students in the TAP will complete the first 60-63 credits at a community college and the final 60-63 credits at a CSU. Earning a transfer associate degree will grant its recipients junior status at each of the Connecticut State Universities and at Charter Oak State College.

Successful completion of such a transfer associate degree will offer the student guaranteed admission and junior status to the receiving university or Charter Oak State College without ‘course by course’ transfer. Admission to particular degree programs may have additional GPA or other requirements. These requirements will be clearly spelled out in each major by major articulation.

NCCC 2018/2019 TAP programs are available in:

For more information visit Transfer Navigator at

Please make an appointment with Transfer Advisor Rick Boger-Hawkins at or (860) 738-6307, to learn more about specific degree requirements.

CSCU Dual Admission Program (DAP)

For students who have completed no more that 15 credits in a CT community college and wish to transfer to a CT state university, this program is for you.

It has never been easier to start your higher education at one of Connecticut’s 12 community colleges and finish at Central, Eastern, Southern or Western Connecticut State University. The Dual Admission program makes it easy to outline your path to success, and take advantage of exceptional program benefits, including:

Guaranteed Admission
Students are guaranteed admission to the selected CSU institution upon completion of their associate degree with a minimum 2.0 GPA. Specific academic and professional programs may have additional admission requirements.

Coordinated Academic Advising
While completing the associate degree, students receive personalized advising from both community college and university advisors to ensure appropriate coursework is completed and that all credits taken apply toward their bachelor’s.

Smooth Transition
Students enjoy a smooth transition because they take classes that will transfer, have met regularly with university staff, have become familiar with academic policies, and know which upper-level classes they need at the university.


Who is eligible?

  • Students planning to earn an associate’s degree from a Connecticut Community College in 5 years or less.
  • Students planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree at a Connecticut State University within 2 years of completing an associate degree.
  • Students who have earned 15 or fewer transferable college credits at the community college at the time of application


How to Begin


To schedule a meeting with a transfer advisor, or for any other transfer-related information, please call Rick Boger-Hawkins, the DAP Contact Person in The Center for Student Development at 860. 738. 6420.

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If you are a students enrolled in a liberal arts transfer program at one of Connecticut’s community colleges, The Guaranteed Admission Program (GAP) could be just your ticket to admission to UCONN after you earn your Associate’s degree.

If plan to continue your studies to earn a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences; Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources, or Business,  GAP can guarantee your admission to the University of Connecticut, assuming that you complete your associate degree, take appropriate courses, and earn at least the minimum grades and requirements for your selected UCONN program.

As a GAP student you will meet with NWCC and UCONN advisors throughout your community college career, helping  ease your eventual transition to the University. With limited exceptions, you must be matriculated in the liberal arts transfer program at Northwestestern.

Most important, you must apply to GAP before they have accrued more than 30 transferable credits. If interested you should review the information below and contact the NCCC GAP counselor for further information and assistance in selecting courses that will meet both community college and UConn degree requirements.





GAP powerpoint presentation


To schedule a meeting with a transfer advisor, or for any other transfer-related information, please call Rick Boger-Hawkins, the UCONN GAP Contact Person in The NCCC Center for Student Development at 860. 738. 6420.

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The New England Board of Higher Education’s Tuition Break program, the New England Regional Student Program (RSP), enables Connecticut residents to enroll at out-of-state New England public colleges and universities at a discount.

Students are eligible for the RSP Tuition Break when they enroll in an approved major that is not offered by the public colleges and universities in their home-state.




To schedule a meeting with a transfer advisor to discuss the RSP, or for any other transfer-related information, please call The Center for Student Development at 860. 738. 6307

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Planning To Transfer After Graduation?

A 2013 College Board report  identified three major challenges facing community college students when transferring  to four-year colleges and universities:

1. Insufficient  information in print or on the web about the transfer process;

2. Nonexistent or indecipherable policies specifying how community college credits will transfer and apply toward the bachelor’s degree; and

3. The enormous complexity in satisfying requirements for possible admission to multiple four-year institutions.

Any one of these challenges can constitute a “speed bump” in an already-intimidating and seemingly-random process transfer.  Two or three, present together, however, often pose an insurmountable wall, needlessly discouraging community college student from exploring the full panoply of transfer opportunities.

Transfer to four-year colleges and universities will never be seamless. This motivated me to create this document, in the hope of reducing challenges to college transfer. Below, you will find links to more than seventy (70) four-year colleges and universities. This list includes: all Connecticut public colleges; most Connecticut private schools; and a wide variety of out-of-state public and private schools from across the United States.

**A school’s presence or absence on this list is neither an explicit nor implicit opinion of a college’s relative academic, social, or post-college employment merit.**

Directions:  Each numbered link below leads to a different page in the designated school’s admissions website.

1. Takes you to General Transfer Admissions Information and the school’s online admissions application

2. Takes you to Transfer Course Equivalency information.

3. Takes you to the school’s General Education requirements. (GeneralEducation requirements can vary, depending upon major and whether you earned an Associates degree before transferring!)

[vc_tta_accordion][vc_tta_section title=”Connecticut Public Colleges and Universities” tab_id=”1520260055604-9b96b68e-1096″]
Central Connecticut State U. 1 2 3 Charter Oak College 1 2 3
Eastern Connecticut State U. 1 2 3 Southern Connecticut State U. 1 2 3
Western Connecticut State U. 1 2 3 University of Connecticut (UConn) 1 2 3
UConn Guaranteed Admission (GAP) 1   
[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Connecticut Private Colleges and Universities” tab_id=”1520260055649-09800dfd-f7ed”]
Connecticut College 1 2 3 Fairfield University 1 2 n/a
Trinity College 1 2 3 Trinity-Individual Degree Program (IDP) 1 n/a n/a
Quinnipiac University 1 2 n/a Sacred Heart University 1 2 n/a
University of Bridgeport 1 2 3 University of Hartford 1 2 3
University of St. Joseph 1 n/a 3 Wesleyan University 1 2 3
Yale University 1 2 3 Yale – Eli Whitney Program 1  n/a n/a
[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”New England and National Colleges and Universities – Public and Private” tab_id=”1520260217957-16895c88-d5d0″]
American International College 1 2 n/a Rowan University 1 2 3
Assumption College 1 2 3 Suny – Genesco 1 2 3
Bay Path University 1 2 3 Suny – New Paltz 1 2 3
Bryant College 1 2 3 Unity College 1 2 3
Clemson University 1 2 3 Springfield College 1 2 3
Colby-Sawyer College 1 2 3 U. of California – Berkeley 1 2 3
College of New Jersey 1 2 3 University of Georgia 1 2 3
College of William and Mary 1 2 3 University of Illinois 1  2 3
Elms College 1 2 n/a University of Maine 1  2 3
CUNY – Hunter College 1 2 3 University of Southern Maine 2 3
Evergreen State College 1 2 3 University of Oregon 2 3
George Washington University 1 2 3 University of Maryland 1  2 3
Georgia Tech 1 2 3 University of Michigan 1 2 3
Green Mountain College 1 2 3 University of Minnesota 1  2 3
Johnson State College 1 2 3 University of Montana 2 3
Keene State College 1 2 3 University of New Hampshire 1  2 3
Mount Holyoke College 1 2 3 University of Pittsburgh 1  2 3
Ohio State University 1 2 3 University of Rhode Island 1  2 3
Paul Smith’s College 1 2 3 University of Texas – Austin 1  2 3
Penn State Univesity 1 2 3 University of Vermont 1  2 3
Plymouth State University 1 2 3 University of Virginia 1  2 3
Purdue University 1 2 3 University of Washington 1  2 3
Rhode Island School of Design 1 n/a n/a University of Wisconsin 1 2 3
Roger Williams University 1 2 3 Western New England University 1  2 3
Rutgers University – Brunswick 1 2 3 Westfield State University 1 2 3

Would you like to meet with a college/university representative?  Click transfer-days to schedule a virtual appointment.

For additional information about Financial Aid, Scholarships, Transfer Fairs, and to contact your community college’s Transfer Advisor, visit TransferTimeCT on Facebook and at

Click here for the Office of Higher Education’s page on public and private transfer programs throughout the state.