Students: your College-issued email address is now the official electronic communication method between the College and you. It is critical that you frequently log in to check your inbox for official correspondence from the College, and learn to use Office 365 to respond.

What’s My Email Address?

You can find your email address in two places:

  • Log in to Office 365, click Find Someone, then search on your last name.
  • Log in to, click the Student Tab, then look in the panel titled Student Email Channel.

Office 365 Mobile

The Mobile Phone Setup Wizard on the Office 365 website will help you set up your device. 

Setting Up Forwarding

You many wish to forward email from Office 365 to your personal email for convenience.

Disclaimer: Northwestern Connecticut Community College does NOT recommend nor support students in forwarding email from their Office 365 accounts or synching this email with smartphones. There may be security risks associated with confidential information going to other public email systems or being downloaded to mobile devices (e.g. smartphones). Students make such changes at their own risk. These instructions are provided for information purposes only because they are frequently requested by students.