Apply to NCCC as a Transfer Student


Come visit the Office of Admissions, no appointment necessary!

We are located at 119 N. Main Street in Winsted, CT, in the Greenwoods building (Suite 219). Come see us Monday through Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm. You can also email us at or call us at 866.526.6008 for general inquires.

Directions below are for the Summer 2023 Application if you would like to enroll for the Fall 2023 semester, please visit the CT State Transfer Student Page.


Thank you for your interest in transferring to Northwestern CT Community College!

In order to prepare for your application process, please be sure you have access to the following items to include in your application portal:

  1. Proof of High School Completion
    Proof includes: final high school transcript with graduation date, diploma, GED certificate, or college transcript that shows you have completed a degree program.
  2. Proof of Immunizations
    Proof includes documentation of two inoculation dates for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella and two inoculation dates for Varicella or a verified date that you had the Chicken Pox. (Varicella is not required for anyone born before 1980). These records can be ordered from your pediatrician or your current doctor’s office. There will be a “Proof of Immunization” document in your application portal that you can give to your doctor’s office. You may also request a “titer” test. A “titer” test is a lab test that shows your immunity levels. Talk with your doctor’s office or a local medical lab to request this option.
  3. College Transcript
    Official transcripts are required to transfer your college credit. Request the transcript from the institution where you earned the credit.

You are welcome to begin your application without submitting these items, but you will not be admitted until these items have been uploaded to your application portal.

After you complete an application (the next step) it is important that you upload documents into your application portal to complete your process. You can follow the screen shots provided below to help guide you. 

After you submit your application, you must:

  1. Select that application and look for the “Action”” link under “View.”



2. See the “Supplemental Items and Documents” at the top and click on that tab.



3. You will then see a list of the supplemental items that are required and the items that are requested/not required.

If you have read steps 1 and 2 above, you are ready to start an application! 

Apply Online Here (There is no application fee.)

If you have applied to any CT community college – even for a high school program – you will have an account already and will need to remember the email and password you used previously. You may request a password reset on the “Create an account” page through the link above.

Don’t know what program to choose but you would like to earn a degree? Choose “General Studies” or Liberal Arts and Sciences” as your major in the application.

QUESTIONS?  Contact us!
Phone: 866.526.6008

While it is optional, students are encouraged to apply for financial aid. To be eligible for financial aid you must enroll, either full-time or part-time, in a degree program or approved certificate. If you are interested in applying for financial aid, you should complete the online Free Application for Northwestern CT Community College Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) available at The school code for Northwestern Connecticut Community College is 001398. Visit the Financial Aid web page for additional information.