Northwestern Community College Foundation Innovation Grants Guidelines

Purpose The NCCF Innovation Grant program is intended to support the innovative and creative ideas of both faculty and staff at Northwestern Connecticut Community College.  The foundation of this program is the promotion and financial support of creative ideas that will have a positive impact on students and the campus community.

Background:  Funding for the Foundation’s Innovation Grants is provided with the understanding that awards are given to those applications that do not qualify for other available College funding sources.  Available College funding sources include the Student Emergency Fund, Student Activities Funds, Professional Development Funds, and the President’s funds.

Process Applications are reviewed by the Foundation’s Grants Committee.  Grant applications should include the grant application form along with a cover letter explaining the proposal and the impact the proposed project will have.  If this project has multiple funding sources, please mention this in the grant application.  Submission of supporting materials is strongly encouraged.

Deadlines Grant applications are accepted twice a year; deadlines are the last Friday in October and the last Friday in March.  The Committee will review the grant applications in November and April.

Submission:  Submit applications to Susan Stiller, Office of the President, at

Reporting:  Grants are awarded with the expectation that a one-page final report will be submitted by the grantee at the end of the project.  The Committee would appreciate photos of the final project results.