December 13, 2015 Stacey Williams

Business Administration


The Business Administration Program is committed to creating critical thinkers and principle-centered organizational architects. Business is about managing risk and change. Northwestern degree candidates face the rigors of a business education that focuses on combining traditional business modalities with creative simulation and communication technology to produce graduates who are consensus builders and leaders.

As a Business Administration degree candidate you will:

♦ Develop requisite knowledge in the building blocks of business: accounting, finance, human capital, economics, strategy and communication.
♦ Gain an understanding of business in the global environment.
♦ Form effective working relationships with students and faculty in the areas of accounting, general business management, marketing and sales, and office management.


Stacey Williams, M.B.A., Department Chair of Business,, 860.738.6427
Lalit (John) Jagtiani, Ph.D.,, 860.738.6385
Gail Kulas, M.B.A.,, 860.738.6304

Adjunct Faculty

Valerie Royals, M.S.,
Kevin Bechard, M.B.A.,
Beverly King, M.S.,


Business Administration

The Business Administration Associate Degree provides students with skills in accounting, ethics, finance, law, management, and marketing which are needed to succeed in businesses from sole proprietorships through global corporations. This degree will prepare students to enter a variety of positions in business, start their own venture or continue to a bachelor’s degree program.


In addition to skills in accounting, ethics, finance, law, management, and marketing , the Marketing Associate Degree option provides students with knowledge, techniques, and perspectives in the theory and practice of marketing. The program prepares students for further study and a broad variety of entry level marketing careers and customer service roles.



The Management certificate provides students with knowledge, techniques and perspectives in the theory and practice of management. It prepares students for entry level careers in management and administration.

This certificate program prepares students for entry-level positions in business organizations. It may also be beneficial to those who are interested in job advancement, a career change, or becoming an entrepreneur. Additionally, this program may be valuable to students seeking basic business knowledge and skills in order to prepare for entry into a B.S. or MBA degree program. All courses are applicable to an Associate in Science degree program in Business Administration.


The Marketing Certificate is meant for either new students or younger professionals wishing to enhance their skills and knowledge through additional education. This certificate programs focuses on fundamental marketing concepts; including pricing, promotional strategies, marketing communications, and the use of digital technologies for marketing purposes.

This program prepares students for entry-level positions in marketing related roles. It is beneficial to those who are interested in job advancement or a career change by helping hone marketing skills and education by learning about implementation and creation of the marketing mix. Focus on integrated marketing communications with applications of advertising, public relations, digital marketing, and social networking and media.