November 27, 2017 Janet Nesteruk

Becoming Connecticut State Community College

STUDENTS: The Community Colleges are undergoing a merger with a plan to become Connecticut State Community College in fall 2023; please work closely with your advisor/program coordinator to select your courses accordingly. Click here for more details about this merger.

Northwestern’s Fine Arts Program is designed to expand the student’s creative potential through a series of studio courses and academic electives. The program prepares students for transfer to four year programs in art. Students learn traditional as well as contemporary approaches to fine art and design. They develop a portfolio which includes a wide variety of art media and highlights areas of special interest. Additionally, students participate in the activities of NCCC’s galleries, which host an array of professional and student art exhibitions. The NCCC Art Department is in a consortium with Five Points Gallery in Torrington, a gallery which is dedicated to exhibiting and fostering an understanding of high caliber contemporary art. Students use Five Points Gallery as an extended classroom, with access to docent training, internships and workshops with professional artists.

Faculty contact ♦ Courtney Puckett | 860.738.6384



ENG* 101 Composition – 3 credits
ART* 111 Drawing I – 3 credits
ART* 121 Two-Dimensional Design – 3 credits
Liberal Arts Elective – 3 credits
GRA* 151 Graphic Design I – 3 credits


ENG* 102 Literature & Composition – 3 credits
ART* 112 Drawing II – 3 credits
ART* 122 Three-Dimensional Design – 3 credits
Natural or Physical Science Elective – 3/4 credits
MAT* Mathematics Elective – 3 credits


ART* 101 Art History I – 3 credits
ART* 151 Painting I – 3 credits
ART* Ceramics or Ceramics Handbuilding of Ceramics Throwing – 3 credits
Social Science Elective – 3 credits
Behavioral Science Elective – 3 credits


ART* 102 Art History II – 3 credits
ART* 113 Figure Drawing I – 3 credits
ART* Sculpture l – 3 credits
ART* 152 Painting II – 3 credits
ART* Art Elective or
GRA* Graphic Design Elective – 3 credits