JED Campus

Northwestern JED Campus Objectives

CT State Northwestern  is partnering with the JED Campus to create a comprehensive program focused on promoting mental health and well-being among students and the college community. The program aims to enhance existing counseling and wellness services, build awareness and skills related to suicide prevention and substance abuse prevention, and provide culturally sensitive programs and activities to support student persistence and completion. The self-assessment process and feedback reports will be kept confidential. The JED Campus is a national organization that works with colleges and universities to promote mental health and prevent substance abuse and suicide among students. You can learn more about the JED Campus by visiting their website at

The program provides colleges with a comprehensive framework to:

  • Enhance and promote students’ and college community’s mental health and well-being through programs, services, activities and resources.
  • Suicide Prevention and prevention of serious substance mis-use – Build awareness, teach skills necessary to cope with stresses of college life, intervene and reduce the potential for self-harm behaviors. Train and develop competent professional team and strong peer support system.

JED Campus Comprehensive Mental Health Framework

JED’s Comprehensive Approach is a population-based strategy for reducing risk factors and enhancing protective factors for suicide and mental health issues among adolescents, college students, and the general population. It is based on the strategic direction of the United States Air Force Suicide Prevention Program and is grounded in an understanding of how to reduce risk factors and increase protective factors for mental health and suicide. The approach includes the development of the Equity in Mental Health Framework, which provides recommendations and strategies for supporting the mental health of students of color. JED Campus is based on two guiding principles: that support for emotional well-being and suicide and substance misuse prevention is a campus-wide responsibility and that these efforts must have support from leaders on campus. These principles are essential for implementing JED’s Comprehensive Approach effectively and for effecting lasting, systemic change.

JED Campus Task Force Members

Task Force Lead: Dr. Ruth Gonzalez Ph.D.- Director of the Office of Student & Community Life, Title IX Deputy, CARE Team Coordinator
Alayna Scarangelo- Guided Pathway Advisor I
Andrew Wetmore – Director of Student Activities
Daneen Huddart – Director of Disability Services
Jane O’Grady- MEd, RN, CMA, CPC- Professor of Allied Health
Michael Emanuel- Program Coordinator Criminal Justice
Tracy Smith-Michnowicz- Program Coordinator Early Childhood Education, NCCC Teaching and Learning Consultant

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JED Campus YouTube Channel

For even more videos covering mental health topics, check out JED’s video playlist.

JED Database of diverse mental health resources

JED has put together a database of diverse mental health resources including many types of resources targeting a range of demographics.

Online directories -free or reduced cost

Online directories, like Aunt Bertha which lists free or reduced cost care and basic needs services by zip code.

JED’s COVID-19 resource page for students

COVID-19 RESOURCE GUIDE For Students, Teens, & Young Adults. Click here for more info.

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Resilience Toolkit for Faculty and staff

Vanderbilt University Medical Center created a Resilience Toolkit for faculty and staff with a variety of content addressing attitude, skill sets, and lifestyle.

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