Trouble Logging In To Blackboard?

If clearing your browser cache isn’t working, it may be due to stale credentials. Here’s how to force an update of your credentials:

Step 1. Go to Office 365 (
Step 2. Then choose your account in the right-hand corner, and sign out.

Sign Out of Office 365
Step 3. Go back to Office 365, and click sign-in again, this time choose to “Use another account”.

Office 365 Signed Out - click on Sign in Use another account
Step 4. Type your NETID (which may fill in automatically) and type your password.

Sign in using NETIDUse current password
Step 5. Choose either option on the “Reduce the number of sign-in attempts”

Stay Signed in?
Step 6. Then browse to, and relaunch Blackboard.
Step 7. Blackboard will flash momentarily as the page redirects through some of the prompts that would have displayed the original error. It should log you into Blackboard without any error at this point.
Step 8. For testing, sign out of office 365 again, and sign-in choosing the “Connected to Windows” account. The automatic sign-in should work as before, without password prompts.