How to set Outlook Web App to use Reply rather than Reply-All

Have you ever replied to someone’s message, hit send, then suddenly realize, YOU HIT REPLY-ALL and SENT THAT MESSAGE TO EVERYONE?  I have – it is unnerving…

There’s a way for you to reduce the risk: Change your email reply settings from the default: Reply-All, to your new friend: Reply.

Here’s how:

  • Log into your email ( – then click on the mail link – or and login)
  • Once you’re in Outlook Web App – you may notice one of these doesn’t match – that’s because there are two styles – Classic and New.
  • If you kept Outlook in its Classic form:
    • Go to Settings Classic Gear>Mail (under the heading “Your app settings”)
    • In the Options pane: under Mail>Automatic processing>Reply settings
    • Choose the option for Reply and hit SaveClassic Email Options
  • If you chose to “Try the new Outlook”:
    • Go to Settings NewLookGear>View all Outlook settings
    • Select Mail>Compose and reply
    • Choose the option for Reply and hit Save

New Look Email Options

If you make this change, you can still hit the dropdown and select “Reply all” if you so choose.