Northwest Community College

Degrees and Certificates

There are three types of electives needed for graduation at Northwestern. All the degrees and certifications require electives. Please refer to individual programs for specific elective requirements. 
GENERAL ELECTIVES (or “Elective”) refers to any course offered in the College catalog numbered 100 or higher.
LIBERAL ARTS ELECTIVES (or “LAS Electives”) are only courses designated in the LIBERAL ARTS ELECTIVES section below.
DIRECTED ELECTIVES (or “Technical Electives”) are determined by the program advisor(s).

General Electives | Liberal Arts Electives 

Any course selected from the categories below or any Liberal Arts elective)
BUSINESS Accounting (ACC*) and Business (BBG*, BFN*, BMG*, BMK*, BRE*, HSP*)
CAREER PROGRAM COURSES Criminal Justice (CJS*), Early Childhood Education (ECE*), Health Information Management (HIM*), Health Careers (HLT*), Human Services (HSE*), Interpreting (INT)*, and Medical Assisting (MED*)
COLLEGE FORUM/INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES College Forum (COL*) and Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS*)
COMPUTER SCIENCE Computer Science (CSC*), Computer Applications (CSA*), and Computer Systems Technology (CST*) designated courses
DEAF STUDIES Deaf Studies (DSC*)
HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND THERAPEUTIC RECREATION Health and Physical Education (HPE*) and Therapeutic Recreation (RLS*)
TECHNOLOGY STUDIES Computer Aided Drafting (CAD*) and Manufacturing Technology (MFG*)

(Any course selected from the categories below)
BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE Anthropology (ANT*), Psychology (PSY*), and Sociology (SOC*)
COMMUNICATIONS ELECTIVE Communications (COM*) and Business Communications (BBG* 210)
COMPUTER SCIENCE Computer Science (CSC*) only 
FINE ARTS Art (ART*), Graphic Design (GRA*), and Music (MUS*)
HUMANITIES ELECTIVE Communications (COM*), English (ENG*), Humanities (HUM*), Modern Languages (including FRE*, GER*, SPA*, and ASL*), Philosophy (PHL*), and Theatre (THR*)
MATHEMATICS Mathematics (MAT*)
NATURAL/PHYSICAL SCIENCE Astronomy (AST*), Biology (BIO*), Chemistry (CHE*), Earth Science (EAS*), Environmental Science (EVS*), Physics (PHY*), and Science (SCI*)
SOCIAL SCIENCE Economics (ECN*), Geography (GEO*), History (HIS*) and Political Science (POL*)