Information Technology – AD Migration FAQs for Students

Pre-Migration FAQs

When will students be migrated?

Students will be migrated over the summer in June 2024.

When are migrations performed?

Migrations are performed each week Sunday – Thursday, beginning at 10pm.

When will I receive my migration date?

Migration dates will be sent via email 14-days from your scheduled migration date. These emails will be sent from our dedicated migration mailbox (

Will I receive additional communications / information about my migration?

You will receive (4) different communication emails leading up to your migration. Your first communication will be sent 14-days from your migration, the second will be sent 7-days from your migration, the third will be sent 1-day before your migration, then the last will be sent the morning of your migration.

What is being migrated?

We will be migrating your account to the new “one college” system. As part of this migration, your NetID and email address will be changed to reflect the new email domain

Example of the NetID before and after migration can be found below:

  • Before Migration:
  • After Migration:

You will continue to receive email that is sent to your old email address. Applications will still function as expected. However, you will need to sign-in to all applications with your new NetID after migration. If you use any lab computers, you will need to sign-in with your new NetID.

Campus operations are not expected to be disrupted.

How long will the migration take?

The migration will begin at 10pm ET and will conclude at the start of the next business day. During the night of the migration, if you notice any sign-in requests on your mobile device for Office365 applications, please ignore until the next business day.

When will I receive my new NetID / email address?

Your new NetID will be included in the communication email that is sent on the morning of your migration.

What information do I need to know about my migration date?

There isn’t anything that you need to do on the day of your migration. You can continue using your account, however, please do not use your account after 10pm until the next business day. During the night of the migration, if you notice any sign-in requests on your mobile device for Office 365 applications, please ignore until the next business day.

Do I need to be on campus on the day of my migration?

You do not need to be on campus on the day of your migration. These migrations will occur overnight, and you do not need to be present.

What do I need to do the day after my migration?

You will begin using your new NetID to login to lab computers and applications. Your password will not be changed, this will be the same password as before the migration.


Post-Migration FAQs


How do I print after migration?

Type your UniFLOW username at the printer to release your prints. Your UniFLOW username can be found in the communication that was sent on the day of your migration.

Do I need to update the Microsoft Authenticator Application on my mobile device to reflect my new NetID?

It is not required to update your authenticator application, but it is recommended. The authenticator application will still work but will show your old NetID. If you would like to update your authenticator application to reflect your new NetID, please follow the instructions here: Using MFA Authenticator App After Account Has Been Moved.

Can I access emails from my old email address after migration? Will I receive emails sent to my old email address?

Your mailbox is not changing, we are only updating the naming convention for your NetID / email address. You will retain all emails from your old email address. Any email sent to your old email address will arrive in your inbox.

In Outlook, my old NetID still shows. What do I do?

Your Outlook application profile does not update immediately (this is the area in the upper left that is above your “Inbox”. As you use Outlook, it will automatically update this from your prior email address to your new email address. This will take a few days to occur. Even if your profile reflects your old email address, email routing will not be affected. Your new email address will be used when sending emails and receiving emails. If your Outlook profile is connected to a shared mailbox, this will not automatically update. A new Outlook profile will need to be created for this to be updated after the shared mailbox is migrated.

I still see my old NetID on my mobile device for Office 365 apps and I am prompted to sign-in. What do I do?

It is recommended that you sign-out of your old NetID on your device and in the Office 365 apps, then sign in with your new NetID.

Will OneDrive links that were sent in an email work after migration?

OneDrive links sent in emails will not work after migration, these will reflect the old OneDrive URL. However, if you go to your OneDrive and view recent files, you can still find these files.

If you have shared a OneDrive file with another CSCU user, their OneDrive “Shared\With you” will be updated with your new OneDrive URL.

When using a lab computer, which credentials should I use to login?

You should be using your new NetID to login to all workstations (laptops and desktops).

Who do I contact if I need my password reset after migration or have questions / issues?

For password resets, please contact Blackboard password reset at 860-723-0221.

For questions / issues, please contact your local help desk by phone or the ServiceNow portal. Help desk numbers can be found below.

  • Asnuntuck: 860-253-1290
  • Capital: 860-906-5252
  • Gateway: 203-285-2040
  • Housatonic: 203-332-5031
  • Manchester: 860-512-3456
  • Middlesex: 860-343-5711
  • Naugatuck Valley: 203-575-8092
  • Northwestern: 860-738-6367
  • Norwalk: 203-857-6800
  • Quinebaug: 860-932-4016
  • Three Rivers: 860-215-9049
  • Tunxis: 860-773-1390