November 19, 2019 Duc Tinh

Welcome to NCCC’s exciting new Associate in Science Degree program in Data Science!

Associate in Science Degree

“Data Science is an increasingly growing and competitive space. NCCC’s program will prepare you for you next step as you work towards earning your degree or certificate in Data Science.”

“The key is to absorb as much information as you can while you have access to the colleges resources. The professors and staff are willing to go above and beyond to help you plan for your future in this career.”

Dylan LaPierre ’20


The Technology Studies – Data Science Option associate degree program prepares students primarily to transfer to complete a B.S. degree in Data Science or Technology Management. Graduates will receive a background in mathematics, science, data literacy, programming, and general education courses for transfer into a four-year program. Consultation with a faculty advisor is strongly recommended.


Crystal, 860.738.6310


Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates should be able to:
1. Transition seamlessly into a Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Data Science or Technology Management
2. Apply appropriate mathematical and scientific principles to Data Science applications.
3. Demonstrate proficiency in technical fundamentals to analyze and resolve technology problems.
4. Apply knowledge and skills to develop, interpret, and select appropriate technological processes.
5. Demonstrate the ability to assist in research, development, design, production, testing and various other functions associated with Data Science.
6. Demonstrate a good understanding of Data Science principles/concepts.
7. Demonstrate a good understanding of mathematical concepts.
8. Demonstrate the ability to think through a problem in a logical manner.
9. Organize and carry through to conclusion the solution to a problem.
10. Demonstrate good communication skills.
11. Demonstrate teamwork skills.


This is the suggested course sequence for full-time students who aim to graduate in two years.


ENG*101 Composition – 3 credits
MAT*167 Principles of Statistics – 3 credits
MAT*186 Pre-Calculus – 4 credits
CHE*121 General Chemistry OR CHE*111 Concepts of Chemistry – 4 credits
History or Economics Elective – 3 credits
Total credits:  17


COM*173 Public Speaking – 3 credits
ENG 202 Technical Writing – 3 credits
MAT*222 Statistics II with Technology Apps – 3 credits
CAD or Directed Elective – 3 credits
Psychology or Sociology Elective – 3 credits
Total credits:  15


DTS*201 Data Science in R – 3 credits
PHY*121 General Physics OR PHY*110 Intro to Physics – 4 credits
Math or Programming or Computer Applications Elective – 3 credits
Directed Elective – 3 credits
MAT* 254 Calculus I – 4 credits
Total credits: 17


DTS*220 Intro to Machine Learning – 3 credits
Math or Programming Elective – 3 credits
Math or Programming Elective – 3 credits
Geography or Political Science Elective – 3 credits
Directed Elective – 3 credits
Fine Arts Elective – 3 credits
Total credits:  18