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Burlington College offers highly individualized academic planning. As at most schools, general education and degree requirements must be satisfied. However, at Burlington College, students are afforded a certain degree of academic freedom in which their ideas and interests are honored. Course work and degree goals can be tailored to meet an individual’s interests and needs. It is important to consider the responsibilities inherent in this academic freedom — inner motivation, intellectual curiosity, the ability to follow through and take ownership of one’s education is essential to the success of a student here. The ability to enjoy learning for learning’s sake is a common quality among our students.

Our small size and dedicated, caring faculty make it possible for Burlington College to offer an incredible amount of individualized attention to every student. Each student is matched with a faculty advisor who provides guidance and support at every stage of the student’s degree program from the initial planning to the successful completion of the final degree project. This is what we call the Burlington College difference. This difference is a key reason why first-year students seeking a unique college experience choose Burlington College over a more traditional institution; it's the attraction of many transfer students seeking a more individualized approach to their education, and it's the characteristic that appeals to the veteran and career-changer who needs a more focused, very flexible program of study. 


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To schedule a meeting with an NCCC transfer advisor, or for any other transfer-related information, please call The Center for Student Development at 860. 738. 6420.


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