Northwest Community College

Biology Transfer Pathway

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The objective of this pathway is to prepare students for transfer to a baccalaureate degree in Biology, BioMolecular Sciences or Biochemistry at a four-year college or university as well as for entry-level laboratory technician positions.

Students who earn an associate’s degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences through the Biology Pathway will be able to:
♦ Transfer into a bachelor’s degree program in biology, molecular biology and biotechnology.  
♦ Transfer into pre-professional programs such as pre-vet or pre-med.  Transfer into a bachelor’s degree in medical laboratory sciences such as cytology and histology.
♦ Transfer into a secondary biology education program.
♦ Pursue careers as laboratory technicians in academic or industrial settings.

Students who successfully complete this pathway can transfer to Central Connecticut State University’s BioMolecular Science Program with junior standing under an articulation agreement with the CCSU College of Technology.

Contact Sharon Gusky,, 860-738-6395, Biology Faculty Advisor for more details on this articulation agreement. 

This is the suggested course sequence for full-time students who aim to graduate in two years.
Composition (ENG* 101 3 credits) 
Pre-Calculus (MAT* 186  4 credits)
Economics Elective, Geography Elective OR Political Science Elective (ECN ,GEO,POL 3 credits)
Art OR Music Elective (ART or MUS 3 credits)
General Biology I  (BIO* 121  4 credits)
Literature & Composition (ENG* 102 3 credits)
General Biology II (BIO* 122 4 credits) Only offered in Spring of even years
Calculus OR  Statistics (MAT* 254  or MAT* 167  4/3 credits)
Behavioral Science Elective (PSY or SOC  3 credits)
General Chemistry I (CHE* 121 4cr)
Ecology OR Anatomy and Physiology I  (BIO* 270 [requires MAT 167] OR BIO* 211 4 credits)
History Elective (HIS 3 credits)
General Physics I  (PHY* 121 4 credits)
General Chemistry II (CHE* 122 4 credits)
Microbiology  (BIO* 235 4 credits)
Philosophy Elective  (PHL 3 credits)
General Physics II (PHY* 122 4 credits)