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Deaf Studies

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The Associate degree in Deaf Studies will give students competence in American Sign Language and an appreciation for the culture, contributions, and contemporary issues of Deaf people. Course work is designed to provide information on the linguistic, historical, and cultural background of the Deaf community, with particular emphasis on the perspective of Deaf people acculturated in a hearing society. This degree is constructed for either career or transfer students. This program prepares students for job opportunities as teachers’ aids, residential program counselors, job coaches, communication specialists, Deaf community advocates, and paraprofessionals with the Deaf. Also, the program prepares students for transferring into Bachelor’s degree programs, such as those at Boston University, Northeastern University, Gallaudet University with a major in Deaf Studies, Deaf Education, Counseling, or related majors.

Dr. Sarah Bement,, 860-738-6382

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates should be able to: 
1. Communicate at an advanced level using American Sign Language. 
2. Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of and sensitivity to American Deaf culture. 
3. Describe the major characteristics of ASL literature and storytelling. 
4. Understand the linguistical aspects of American Sign Language. 
5. Educate others with information on Deafness and available resources.