Northwest Community College

NCCC Logos & Graphics

Logo Usage Guidelines:

The college logos should not be altered in any way. Treat the logo as a single graphic unit, and do not rearrange, compress, stretch, or alter the logo.

The logo should appear:

  • on all official college publications
  • in all promotional advertising
  • on all printed communications that circulate off campus
  • newspaper ads
  • brochures
  • posters
  • newsletters
  • stationery
  • business cards
  • other publications
  • video
  • web pages
  • CD-ROMs

Other Usage Guidelines:

  • The logo can also be applied to documents intended for use on campus by college staff. 
  • The official color codes for NCCC logos are as follows: For print use (Pantone: 349 Green,1365 Yellow), For online and monitor display use (Hex: #07753f Green, #fcbc16 Yellow), (RGB: 7,117,63 Green, 252,188,22 Yellow)
  • When printing the logo in black use the black & white version.
  • Leave a cushion of white space around the logo. The logo should not be typeset or reproduced by anyone other than the Marketing/Graphics Department.
  • The logo should not be copied and pasted from a college web page because the resolution of the image will be poor and the quality unsuitable for publishing in print.
  • The logo may not be used by any individuals, entities, or other organizations without the permission of the college. NCCC has all right, title, and interest in the logo.


To download the logos below, click the appropriate logo to open and then right-click, choose “Save Image As…”

NCCC Logos

Rotunda Logo Color

Rotunda Logo B&W

Rotunda Logo w/Address Color

Rotunda Logo w/Address B&W

Circular Small College Tagline Logo Color

Circular Small College Tagline Logo B&W

Circular Laurel Leaf Emblem

Wallet Hub 10% Award Graphic


Board of Regents Logos

BOR logo horizontal

BOR logo vertical